Monday, April 1, 2013

I guess you noticed I am missing.

I guess you noticed I am missing. I will tell you why. I am still sick. I am stopped up. It has upgraded to wheezing tightness in my chest and I have to go to the doctor. I didn't get much sleep last night. I coughed, sneezed and tried to breath. I laid around all weekend mostly.. I left the house long enough for a preplanned date on Saturday but only because we had a sitter for our 2 oldest and we don't know when we will likely get the chance again. Especially since it was one  of the few weekends my husband has had off all year. To go out I had to sudafed, Advil, and afrin up... My oldest kept me up most of the night coughing himself last night. So it might be a whole family trip to the doctor. I promise once I am over this cold or whatever it is I will go 30 straight consecutive days posting what I am eating... but right now I am positive the chicken noodle soup... crackers...and toast I have ate will not excite you. I even tried to get into my kids Easter basket goodies last night...and gave up after I couldn't taste a malted egg... Its only 8:40 a.m. here and I already want to go back to bed... but 3 kids to take care of plus a hubby a little later today... Its gonna be a long rough Monday.


  1. Hope you and your family are feeling better soon! Can't wait to see what you start eating for the next 30 days!


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