Thursday, March 28, 2013

3/28 Food Diary

No breakfast we slept in till 10am... all of us battling this early spring cold or allergies. I woke up feeling pretty rough... still stopped up...sore throat and a headache.. By lunch time though we were all hungry.

495 Calories
This is a wrap I commonly make myself. I call it an Alice Springs wrap because its a knockoff of Outbacks Alice Springs Chicken. Low Carb Wrap- 90 cals.  3.35 oz Chicken -157 cals. Slice of Colby Jack-50 cals.    1 tablespoon of mushrooms-2 cals. 1 slice bacon-24 cals. 2 tsp. my homemade honey mustard- 18 cals. Banana-94 cals. 1/2 oz baked salt and vinegar chips-60 cals.

276 Calories

I am an emotional/anxious/stress eater...and this maybe TMI but I got my monthly... and to top that off I am still dealing with baby hormones... and I've got this cold allergy flu thing going... hell I don't even need an excuse I got 3 kids and I am going slightly bonkers...Today has been one of those days I feel like I am losing my ever loving mind. Insert junk... Is it the best for me..nope.. but I am taking a huge step admitting I ate it. I also admit it wasn't that good because I'm stuffy nothing tastes right.

Idk how many calories

Look familiar... could be because its the same thing I had yesterday... cup of egg drop soup and an egg roll.. its got to be the cold but nothing tastes good. I took one bite of the egg roll and one bite of the soup and gave it to my husband. I tried to fix a turkey sandwich but it didnt work either so I gave up.. Im not really hungry anyways.. I'm hoping this stuff passes soon... Nyquil time...night ladies.

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