Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello Again Saturday Weigh in Day.

Ok so its been a bumpy road... the start of the journey again. I struggled all week. I weighed in Saturday 4/6 to 251.6. I thought I would get back on plan... but I didn't fully. I tried yes.. but something is going on with my anxiety.. For some reason everyday in the afternoon or evening I get really anxious. I even sometimes have a panic attack. At that point I stop caring if I count calories or eat healthy. It became overwhelming  That's why I stopped posting my food journal. But I am going to get started back doing that next week. I am going to try to do it everyday. I am keeping a food journal. It helps keep me accountable and also I like being able to look back and get meal ideas.. 3 kids have taken so many brain cells sometimes I can't remember what I ate for breakfast today much less yesterday.  I've ate stir-fry a lot this week. Trying to get as many veggies in as I can. I have actually made my family different meals. I do this alot when I am dieting. I really like to eat things they don't and sometimes I want to eat the same thing over and over. So without further ado my weigh in last Saturday I weighed 251.6. This morning I weighed in at 248.8. That is a -2.8lb loss. I will take it. When I keyed in my weight on my program it loved telling me I am behind schedule... and then it offered to extend the weight loss date goal... which I let it do.. because I did not want to change the calories I was eating.. I will tell you at the beginning of the week my anxiety was awful.. but slowly it has gotten better. I am still anxious but dealing with it... and not falling off the wagon and stuffing my face. I am not planning to splurge this weekend. Usually weekends are hard.. I want to make a big breakfast...or a big fancy dinner. I do plan on making our Sunday dinner and putting a little more effort into it like I always do.. but I do not plan on blowing my calories. My current calorie goal provided by my nutrition program is still 1568 and I still aim to eat between 1200-1600 each day. So tomorrow maybe a 1600 day. Foods I enjoyed from the past week have been... BLTs. Yes that was plural. I ate 2 this week. Tracked every calorie...weighed and measured everything. Also I made up a stir-fry sauce that has roughly 28 calories a tablespoon. I enjoyed chicken with broccoli several times this week. I got a Chinese fix with no msg. I also did a Mexican stir-fry with chicken peppers onions and squash.. I put it over refried beans and topped it with some jalapeno cheese... scooped it out with some corn chips... so I got my Mexican fix. My least favorite food this week was a cheeseburger wrap I made.. so I have to go back to the drawing board on that. It most certainly did not kill my cheeseburger craving. I am happy... I am getting healthy...and I am back on the road of my journey. To date I have now lost 51.2 lbs.

Monday, April 1, 2013

I guess you noticed I am missing.

I guess you noticed I am missing. I will tell you why. I am still sick. I am stopped up. It has upgraded to wheezing tightness in my chest and I have to go to the doctor. I didn't get much sleep last night. I coughed, sneezed and tried to breath. I laid around all weekend mostly.. I left the house long enough for a preplanned date on Saturday but only because we had a sitter for our 2 oldest and we don't know when we will likely get the chance again. Especially since it was one  of the few weekends my husband has had off all year. To go out I had to sudafed, Advil, and afrin up... My oldest kept me up most of the night coughing himself last night. So it might be a whole family trip to the doctor. I promise once I am over this cold or whatever it is I will go 30 straight consecutive days posting what I am eating... but right now I am positive the chicken noodle soup... crackers...and toast I have ate will not excite you. I even tried to get into my kids Easter basket goodies last night...and gave up after I couldn't taste a malted egg... Its only 8:40 a.m. here and I already want to go back to bed... but 3 kids to take care of plus a hubby a little later today... Its gonna be a long rough Monday.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

3/28 Food Diary

No breakfast we slept in till 10am... all of us battling this early spring cold or allergies. I woke up feeling pretty rough... still stopped up...sore throat and a headache.. By lunch time though we were all hungry.

495 Calories
This is a wrap I commonly make myself. I call it an Alice Springs wrap because its a knockoff of Outbacks Alice Springs Chicken. Low Carb Wrap- 90 cals.  3.35 oz Chicken -157 cals. Slice of Colby Jack-50 cals.    1 tablespoon of mushrooms-2 cals. 1 slice bacon-24 cals. 2 tsp. my homemade honey mustard- 18 cals. Banana-94 cals. 1/2 oz baked salt and vinegar chips-60 cals.

276 Calories

I am an emotional/anxious/stress eater...and this maybe TMI but I got my monthly... and to top that off I am still dealing with baby hormones... and I've got this cold allergy flu thing going... hell I don't even need an excuse I got 3 kids and I am going slightly bonkers...Today has been one of those days I feel like I am losing my ever loving mind. Insert junk... Is it the best for me..nope.. but I am taking a huge step admitting I ate it. I also admit it wasn't that good because I'm stuffy nothing tastes right.

Idk how many calories

Look familiar... could be because its the same thing I had yesterday... cup of egg drop soup and an egg roll.. its got to be the cold but nothing tastes good. I took one bite of the egg roll and one bite of the soup and gave it to my husband. I tried to fix a turkey sandwich but it didnt work either so I gave up.. Im not really hungry anyways.. I'm hoping this stuff passes soon... Nyquil time...night ladies.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27 Food Diary

I started today off with a sore throat, headache, stuffy nose and generally feeling like crap. I finished the day feeling the same way... The baby didn't want put down all day... The boys wanted to kill each other. No matter how many time outs and punishments I tried they constantly showed their butts today...and I had to separate them often.. tell them to quiet down 1000 times because every time the baby would try to nap even on the opposite side of the house they found a way to wake her up... Not to mention I spent the day lysoling everything because telling a 2 year old and 4 year old cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.. it doesn't work. Yeah fun day... Here's the food breakdown.

160 calories
Not really breakfast I felt like ass...Arctic Cocoa... I wanted something warm on my throat.. The only green tea left in the box I could find is black currant no thank you... I don't have a coffee maker cause I am a freak ( I do love coffee though). I couldn't find the sugar free cocoa I am positive I have some where nor the other boxes of green tea.. I am sure they will fall on top of my head out of a cabinet later when I don't need them. So some cocoa left over from Christmas it is then

270 calories
Brunch- Still not feeling well and honestly I probably wouldn't have ate. As it was I made this as quick as I could and it was all I could think of that sounded remotely appetizing. The bread is Cinnamon Swirl..2 slices is only 160 calories. The cream cheese is honey nut and I divided 1 tablespoon between the two slices for 40 calories. The bacon is center cut that is oven baked on a rack for only 70 calories.  Fat-Free and low fat and turkey bacon are great options.. but today I wasn't feeling it so there... that's some realness for you.

420 calories

90 calories
Lunch-  Again something easy I could grab. A low carb tortilla with turkey and cheese and a oz of Flaming hot munchie mix. 2 pepperocini peppers a pear and then for a chocolate fix a weight watcher chocolate cake. What can I say I was craving hot and spicy...with a dash of sweet.

Dinner- Just what it looks like egg drop soup and an 2 baked egg rolls. 1 wasn't pictured...because I went back for 2nds.
192 calories
Late night snack... 1 cup of special K chocolate strawberry and 1/2 cup skim milk

For a grand total of 1492 calories for today.... I did it I stayed under the recommended amount.. I need to eat more vegetables. I need to drink more water.. but having done this today.. I am proud. It all starts with a first step and this one was mine.

Nevermind.. Forging Ahead

So this morning I posted that I was going to delay posting what I am eating. I changed my mind. I don't feel good its true. My throat hurts my head hurts and I'm coming down with the crud my family is apparently passing around.. But that is also life. I am going to post anyways. Every time I say I am going to do something and I delay it I don't finish or sometimes even get around to it.. so needless to say here goes hopefully something. I would like to remind everyone I am a mother to 3 small kids. I am not using that as an excuse. I simply want you to realize that sometimes my meals have to be what I can grab...make in a few mins or throw together. Part of my problem is not eating. I know right... mind blowing... but I am hypothyroid...pcos..and insulin resistant. To lose weight I have to fuel my body otherwise I go into starvation mode and I actually gain weight. I do realize that there is better fuel out there sometimes than what I put in.. but this is a journey and every journey starts with a simple step.. and this is my simple step. I would love positive comments... positive reinforcement... even helpful advice.. as long as what you say comes from a good place I want to hear it. If however you want to criticize... make rude comments...or bully me in any way.. I don't have time for it. I will delete your comment. If you don't like what I eat by all means don't follow me.. don't read it... Because my food is going to be real... what I post is going to be real.. That means sometimes I might fall off the wagon... I am hoping though that posting what I eat will help me with that... Also you may see things that will make you cringe.. you know like hamburger helper... not a favorite of mine... I don't really even like it.. but my husband does... so sometimes occasionally its on the menu... and since sometimes my time is limited and I need something fast a lean cuisine or smart one might appear...(go ahead and gasp make a frowny face whatever at least I am trying).  Also I am southern... so guess what deep fried just kinda happens.. now I myself do not own a deep fryer.. but you know how it is... its around these parts.. I believe that to lose weight and keep it off for good I have to learn to live in the real world... where occasionally french fries, champagne, chocolate, cake, fried chicken and other delectable things happen. I don't want to live the rest of my life eating lettuce... well not just lettuce anyways. I want to learn to balance the good and the bad...and the Southern... Because I love food.. I love to cook.. I love to get in the kitchen and experiment. So lets see how this goes....30 days people.... you are what is going to hold me to it.. knowing that I promised I was going to do it...and someone out there knows it.  My daily calorie goal at this time set by my nutrition program I follow is 1568.. I fill out a questionnaire and tell it health info.. how much I weigh...what my goal is and my time frame and it gives me my calorie goal... now personally I am shooting for 1300-1600. Because being real... there may be days I am hungry and there might be days I am less hungry or what I have had is more filling. All my posts for the days food will go up in the evening.. because that's when I have time to get on here...and if life gets crazy they may go up the next day early a.m.... so see you later alligators... everyday for 30 days at least!!


So I planned on starting today recording everything that goes in my mouth... except I woke up about 3am and couldn't even swallow.. my head feels like its full of cotton and there is so much pressure behind my eyes they may pop out of socket. Apparently I got what my kiddos and husband got... I had upped my vitamin C and Zinc trying to avoid it but it out smarted me... So because I know you don't want to see pictures of cups of hot tea, cups of chicken soup, and glasses of water I will start this when I get over it. It seems to run its course in about 5 days.. but I am going to continue treating with larger doses of vitamin C and zinc hoping it will speed up and leave me sooner... or if I can swallow real food then I will post. I have not given up. I will stay inspired and motivated.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here goes something....

In an effort to lose weight this is going to be mainly a weight loss blog. I am not an expert at this I am not a nutritionist. I can tell you I lost 80lbs gained 30lbs back and then I got pregnant with my 3rd baby.. I am now trying to get back on track. I have found it hard. I am struggling. I am an emotional eater and even though I had my baby 11 weeks ago I am still dealing with baby blues/anxiety that is hormone induced. Here is my first goal.. to simply take a picture and record my calories for the next 30 days. I want to be truthful and honest. Also I will weigh in once a week. My weigh in days are on Saturday. 3/23 I weighed 250.4lbs. That's not my highest and it isn't my lowest.. It means that I have kept off 50lbs. So starting tomorrow... 3/27/2013 I will take a picture of everything I eat and put the calorie count here on the blog. I would really appreciate it if anyone comments to keep it as positive as possible.. like I said I am not a nutritionist.. I am just a super busy stay at home mom of 3 kids... a 4 year old boy, a 2 year old boy, and a 11 week old little girl.. So I may not always eat the healthiest things sometimes I just have to eat what I can in between taking care of everyone... but I am really going to try to do my best... See yal tomorrow!