Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27 Food Diary

I started today off with a sore throat, headache, stuffy nose and generally feeling like crap. I finished the day feeling the same way... The baby didn't want put down all day... The boys wanted to kill each other. No matter how many time outs and punishments I tried they constantly showed their butts today...and I had to separate them often.. tell them to quiet down 1000 times because every time the baby would try to nap even on the opposite side of the house they found a way to wake her up... Not to mention I spent the day lysoling everything because telling a 2 year old and 4 year old cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.. it doesn't work. Yeah fun day... Here's the food breakdown.

160 calories
Not really breakfast I felt like ass...Arctic Cocoa... I wanted something warm on my throat.. The only green tea left in the box I could find is black currant no thank you... I don't have a coffee maker cause I am a freak ( I do love coffee though). I couldn't find the sugar free cocoa I am positive I have some where nor the other boxes of green tea.. I am sure they will fall on top of my head out of a cabinet later when I don't need them. So some cocoa left over from Christmas it is then

270 calories
Brunch- Still not feeling well and honestly I probably wouldn't have ate. As it was I made this as quick as I could and it was all I could think of that sounded remotely appetizing. The bread is Cinnamon Swirl..2 slices is only 160 calories. The cream cheese is honey nut and I divided 1 tablespoon between the two slices for 40 calories. The bacon is center cut that is oven baked on a rack for only 70 calories.  Fat-Free and low fat and turkey bacon are great options.. but today I wasn't feeling it so there... that's some realness for you.

420 calories

90 calories
Lunch-  Again something easy I could grab. A low carb tortilla with turkey and cheese and a oz of Flaming hot munchie mix. 2 pepperocini peppers a pear and then for a chocolate fix a weight watcher chocolate cake. What can I say I was craving hot and spicy...with a dash of sweet.

Dinner- Just what it looks like egg drop soup and an 2 baked egg rolls. 1 wasn't pictured...because I went back for 2nds.
192 calories
Late night snack... 1 cup of special K chocolate strawberry and 1/2 cup skim milk

For a grand total of 1492 calories for today.... I did it I stayed under the recommended amount.. I need to eat more vegetables. I need to drink more water.. but having done this today.. I am proud. It all starts with a first step and this one was mine.

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