Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nevermind.. Forging Ahead

So this morning I posted that I was going to delay posting what I am eating. I changed my mind. I don't feel good its true. My throat hurts my head hurts and I'm coming down with the crud my family is apparently passing around.. But that is also life. I am going to post anyways. Every time I say I am going to do something and I delay it I don't finish or sometimes even get around to it.. so needless to say here goes hopefully something. I would like to remind everyone I am a mother to 3 small kids. I am not using that as an excuse. I simply want you to realize that sometimes my meals have to be what I can grab...make in a few mins or throw together. Part of my problem is not eating. I know right... mind blowing... but I am hypothyroid...pcos..and insulin resistant. To lose weight I have to fuel my body otherwise I go into starvation mode and I actually gain weight. I do realize that there is better fuel out there sometimes than what I put in.. but this is a journey and every journey starts with a simple step.. and this is my simple step. I would love positive comments... positive reinforcement... even helpful advice.. as long as what you say comes from a good place I want to hear it. If however you want to criticize... make rude comments...or bully me in any way.. I don't have time for it. I will delete your comment. If you don't like what I eat by all means don't follow me.. don't read it... Because my food is going to be real... what I post is going to be real.. That means sometimes I might fall off the wagon... I am hoping though that posting what I eat will help me with that... Also you may see things that will make you cringe.. you know like hamburger helper... not a favorite of mine... I don't really even like it.. but my husband does... so sometimes occasionally its on the menu... and since sometimes my time is limited and I need something fast a lean cuisine or smart one might appear...(go ahead and gasp make a frowny face whatever at least I am trying).  Also I am southern... so guess what deep fried just kinda happens.. now I myself do not own a deep fryer.. but you know how it is... its around these parts.. I believe that to lose weight and keep it off for good I have to learn to live in the real world... where occasionally french fries, champagne, chocolate, cake, fried chicken and other delectable things happen. I don't want to live the rest of my life eating lettuce... well not just lettuce anyways. I want to learn to balance the good and the bad...and the Southern... Because I love food.. I love to cook.. I love to get in the kitchen and experiment. So lets see how this goes....30 days people.... you are what is going to hold me to it.. knowing that I promised I was going to do it...and someone out there knows it.  My daily calorie goal at this time set by my nutrition program I follow is 1568.. I fill out a questionnaire and tell it health info.. how much I weigh...what my goal is and my time frame and it gives me my calorie goal... now personally I am shooting for 1300-1600. Because being real... there may be days I am hungry and there might be days I am less hungry or what I have had is more filling. All my posts for the days food will go up in the evening.. because that's when I have time to get on here...and if life gets crazy they may go up the next day early a.m.... so see you later alligators... everyday for 30 days at least!!

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