Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello Again Saturday Weigh in Day.

Ok so its been a bumpy road... the start of the journey again. I struggled all week. I weighed in Saturday 4/6 to 251.6. I thought I would get back on plan... but I didn't fully. I tried yes.. but something is going on with my anxiety.. For some reason everyday in the afternoon or evening I get really anxious. I even sometimes have a panic attack. At that point I stop caring if I count calories or eat healthy. It became overwhelming  That's why I stopped posting my food journal. But I am going to get started back doing that next week. I am going to try to do it everyday. I am keeping a food journal. It helps keep me accountable and also I like being able to look back and get meal ideas.. 3 kids have taken so many brain cells sometimes I can't remember what I ate for breakfast today much less yesterday.  I've ate stir-fry a lot this week. Trying to get as many veggies in as I can. I have actually made my family different meals. I do this alot when I am dieting. I really like to eat things they don't and sometimes I want to eat the same thing over and over. So without further ado my weigh in last Saturday I weighed 251.6. This morning I weighed in at 248.8. That is a -2.8lb loss. I will take it. When I keyed in my weight on my program it loved telling me I am behind schedule... and then it offered to extend the weight loss date goal... which I let it do.. because I did not want to change the calories I was eating.. I will tell you at the beginning of the week my anxiety was awful.. but slowly it has gotten better. I am still anxious but dealing with it... and not falling off the wagon and stuffing my face. I am not planning to splurge this weekend. Usually weekends are hard.. I want to make a big breakfast...or a big fancy dinner. I do plan on making our Sunday dinner and putting a little more effort into it like I always do.. but I do not plan on blowing my calories. My current calorie goal provided by my nutrition program is still 1568 and I still aim to eat between 1200-1600 each day. So tomorrow maybe a 1600 day. Foods I enjoyed from the past week have been... BLTs. Yes that was plural. I ate 2 this week. Tracked every calorie...weighed and measured everything. Also I made up a stir-fry sauce that has roughly 28 calories a tablespoon. I enjoyed chicken with broccoli several times this week. I got a Chinese fix with no msg. I also did a Mexican stir-fry with chicken peppers onions and squash.. I put it over refried beans and topped it with some jalapeno cheese... scooped it out with some corn chips... so I got my Mexican fix. My least favorite food this week was a cheeseburger wrap I made.. so I have to go back to the drawing board on that. It most certainly did not kill my cheeseburger craving. I am happy... I am getting healthy...and I am back on the road of my journey. To date I have now lost 51.2 lbs.

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